Use CasesSuppressing piping vibration without using an air chamber

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Food manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

We want to transfer nitric acid raw liquid, which is used as the CIP cleaning solution, to a dilution tank.
Conventionally, a diaphragm pump was used and pulsation was suppressed with an air chamber, which posed the following problem.

  • Neglecting to maintain the air chamber led to the loss of the pulsation attenuation effect, which caused cracks to form in the piping due to vibrations. This caused the nitric acid to leak, leading to rust forming on the equipment.

TACMINA's Solutions

The pump was changed to a “Smoothflow Pump,” a diaphragm pump with no pulsation.

  • Liquid is transferred with a continuous, constant flow, so there are no longer any piping vibrations.
  • Air chamber maintenance is no longer required.

Flow Diagram