Use CasesStrict management of the amount of seasoning used

Liquid Type
Process Type


Food manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

Oil and seasoning are supplied to the frying machine during the frozen food production process.
Conventionally, a rotary volumetric pump was used, which posed the following problems.

  • The amount of liquid transferred was not stable, so it was not possible to control the seasoning.
  • Maintenance took a long time and replacement parts were expensive.

TACMINA's Solutions

The customer considered a comparison of gear pumps and Smoothflow Pumps, replacing their existing pump with a Smoothflow Pump due to the importance they placed on the risk of the entry of foreign matter.

  • Feedback control is now performed with a flow meter, which makes it possible to accurately control the amount of seasoning used.
  • The number of parts is small and each part is inexpensive, which reduces the maintenance cost.

Flow Diagram