Use CasesImproving the coating quality of a die coater, long-term maintenance of initial performance

Liquid Type
Process Type


Electronic material manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

In the process in question, a die coater is used to apply to sheets the anode materials for lithium-ion batteries.
A rotary volumetric pump was used to supply the liquid, which posed the following problems.

  • There are no issues with the initial performance of the existing pump. However, as its operating time increases, the flow rate drops and pulsation occurs.
  • Die coaters use a method in which the full amount is used for coating, so the transfer accuracy of the pump is directly linked to the coating quality.
  • We want to use a pump that can maintain a high transfer accuracy for a long time.

TACMINA's Solutions

Considering the fact that a pump’s performance decreases due to wear in its sliding parts caused by the particles contained in the transfer liquid, the customer selected a Smoothflow Pump, which has no sliding parts.
We performed tests using the actual liquid at a TACMINA test facility, finding that our pump met the customer’s requirements for maintaining the initial performance and stability for a long period of time, which led to the customer using our pump.

  • Smoothflow Pumps supply liquid without pulsation and with a flow having a constant precision, which enables a uniform film thickness.
  • Smoothflow Pumps use a diaphragm method and have no sliding parts, so they have excellent resistance to wear. This enables them to maintain their initial performance for a long time.

Flow Diagram