Use CasesSafe dilution of sodium hydroxide

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Chemical manufacturer

Customer's Needs and Problems

We want to safely dilute sodium hydroxide from a concentration of 48% to a concentration of 25%.

  • A remarkable amount of heat is generated during the dilution, which poses the risk of the liquid splattering.
  • The liquid is hazardous as it may result in serious disabilities if it comes into contact with the human body.

TACMINA's Solutions

A system was created in which the liquid is transferred with a Smoothflow Pump and a static mixer is used to perform inline mixing.

  • The liquid does not come into contact with the air, which enabled safe dilution.
  • The continuous, constant flow with no pulsation stabilized the diluted concentration.
  • The dilution heat could be removed with a heat exchanger for cooling.
  • The need for a dilution tank was eliminated, which made it possible to use the system in a smaller space.

Flow Diagram