Use CasesAutomation with changing from manual metering to flow rate management with a flow meter

Liquid Type
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Paper making company

Customer's Needs and Problems

Dyes are transferred and injected in the paper production process.
Conventionally, a plunger pump was used, which posed the following problems.

  • The existing pump has pulsation, which makes it impossible to use a flow meter. A graduated cylinder is used for metering, and the pump’s discharge volume is adjusted manually.
  • Long-distance piping with a small pipe diameter is used, so the overfeeding phenomenon occurs, making the flow rate unstable.
  • Because torii-shaped piping is used, air collects inside the pipe, which may lead to response delay (discharge delay and liquid dripping) when the pump starts and stops.

TACMINA's Solutions

The pump was replaced with a Smoothflow Pump.
Also, the piping was redesigned to be horizontal.

  • Because there is no pulsation and the liquid can be transferred with a continuous, constant flow, it is now possible to accurately measure the flow rate with a flow meter.
  • Because of the continuous flow, the inertia resistance is small, which stabilizes the flow rate even over a long distance and with small bore piping.
  • Air no longer collects in the piping, which resolves the issue of response delay.

Flow Diagram