By Industry Sterilization & Disinfection

TACMINA is a world leader in sterilization and disinfection technology. We have been accumulating expertise and know-how in this area since our business was founded in 1956.

Our chemical injection pumps, sterile water generators, and water quality control devices are used in variety of applications including water treatment plants, sanitary and hygienic management for food and beverage manufacturers and in life-safety applications for hospitals.

Examples of Uses

Case 1 - Water Quality Control for Drinking Water, Hot Springs, and Swimming Pools

We use our vast industry experience to recommend systems that are best suited for the application such as the protection and safety of drinking water used everyday by millions of people and water used to improve the quality of life as in hot springs, public baths, and swimming pools.

Case 2 - Disinfection of Food and Beverages

We also contribute to improving food quality and safety, from disinfection against E. coli or norovirus to disinfecting equipment and utensils such as conveyors and containers.

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