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Our products are used in processes that require stable transfer with no alteration of fluid chemistry or quality such as the transfer of high-function resins, the recovery of rare metals, the circulation of surface treatment chemicals for steel, and the transfer of chemicals for paper production.

To reduce environmental impact and reduce the use of materials, we also apply innovative technologies to a wide range of fluid transfer applications such as the supply of supercritical carbon dioxide, which is becoming more and more common in foamed resins.

Examples of Uses

Case 1 - Automatic Dilution (Blending) System

In the chemical industry a high level of equipment safety, precision and reliability are required especially where a variety of chemicals are diluted (or blended) and used according to purpose.

Case 2 - The Future of Foamed Resin Molding Supported by Supercritical Technology

Going forward, there will be a growing need for lighter solutions and improved functionality. Foamed resin molding is expected to focus on reducing the amount of materials used and to shift from chemical foaming to physical foaming to reduce the overall impact on the environment.

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