Lineup Expansion of Smoothflow Pump Q Series

June 13 , 2016 Products

TACMINA CORPORATION (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka President: Mr. Nobuhiko Yamada) has expanded lineup of Smoothflow Pump Q Series. In accordance with customers' demand, PTFE and stainless steel are added as liquid-end materials. In addition, new models which have advanced flow control to work with other external equipment are also released.

Q series is an innovative pump that can transfer trace amounts of fluid precisely without pulsation. It can clear your concerns such as decreasing discharge rate at long-time continuous operation and growing cost of consumable parts. It has been highly evaluated by a bunch of university laboratories and corporative research development divisions since its release in June, 2015.

Our new lineups make it possible to transfer organic solvent, in addition to acidic and alkaline liquid; on top of that, it can be installed into equipment. You will find it versatile once you use the Q series.

Release Date

June 13, 2016


Liquid-end materials
PTFE and Stainless steel types are available in addition to PVC.
Control system
I/O signal control type (QI) and timer control type (QT) are available in addition to standard type (Q).
  • I/O signal control type (QI) :
    Equipped with analog I/O signal control operation system and pulse I/O signal control operation system.
  • Timer control type (QT) :
    Equipped with Interval operation system and gradient operation system.

Product Lineup


Discharge volume
Max. discharge pressure

Possible to transfer acidic, alkaline liquid and organic solvent. Precise liquid transfer with trace amounts in laboratory processes.

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