Unique development capabilities that lead the world. There is a reason why customers call upon us to solve their fluid delivery problems.

TACMINA has a rich history of innovation. In 1965, we launched the first electrically-powered metering pump made in Japan. Thereafter, we developed many breakthrough innovations including the world's first metering pump with automatic correction of discharge volume and what is known today as "Smoothflow" technology - a unique design that produces a highly accurate flow. Since our inception, we have earned more than one hundred domestic and international design patents and numerous awards. We continue to receive high praise from industry peers including eight of the highly-regarded Good Design Awards.

Our research and development department is staffed by experts in flow control who are ready to help solve your problems.

Our advanced Development center drives TACMINA's product development. We utilize many advanced analysis tools including some that are developed exclusively by our team of engineers. These tools help us to push the envelope of fluid dynamics and develop new products to support the ever-changing needs of our customers. For example, our state-of-art fluid testing laboratory enables us to run customer's product under various real-world scenarios and provide accurate engineering and chemistry data to the customer.

At TACMINA, we partner with our customers to solve their fluid delivery problems and deliver field-proven solutions.

We partner with our customers to deliver the ideal product or system

Every application is unique. We use our extensive experience to meet your performance and functionality requirements. Each product recommendation is based on a holistic view of your application including the basics such as pressure, volume, fluid substance, and viscosity but we also go beyond the standard requirements to learn more about your overall application such as the installation environment and control methods. Our goal is to provide the ideal and complete solution every time.

We look at the complete picture to deliver the complete solution.

One of TACMINA's strengths is our fluid delivery system solutions. We work with you to provide a total system solution by integrating all of the peripherals required to achieve your fluid delivery and process control solution including tanks, agitators, measurement instruments, control systems and of course, our world-class pump products. With decades of system engineering experience, we deliver the perfect solution at a great price.

Our ISO-9001 certified factory ensures complete quality management and control. We are working hard, everyday, to improve our products and technology.

We achieved ISO-9002 certification in 1996 and ISO-9001 certification in 1999. Our internal quality policy ensures the delivery of premium quality products and covers the process from product planning and design to manufacturing and inspection and all the way through product shipment. In addition, we have adopted a "quality control circle" and VAVE (value analysis, value engineering) methodology to drive product and process continuous improvement. Environmentally-friendly
manufacturing is a strong part of our corporate culture thus we are ISO-14001 certified.

Our industry-leading inspection system ensures a quality product is delivered to the customer, every time.

Our products are assembled and tested in modern production cells. A product leader is assigned to each cell and is personally responsible for the performance inspection and finished product. We also encourage customers with critical applications visit our factory and see their product run on our custom-developed, precision inspection machine to personally witness and confirm the operation of their order before delivery.

Our factory maintenance service ensures optimal performance and product life long after your purchase.

Our factory maintenance service is available world-wide through our extensive network in Japan. At the factory, we disassemble, clean and perform complete maintenance on your pump, then we reassemble and test the unit to OEM standards using the same test equipment and performance parameters used at the time of the original shipment. Our mission is to return the product to you renewed, refreshed and ready for action with the peace of mind of a factory-maintained product at a fraction of the cost.

TACMINA quality and workmanship continue to spread throughout the world via our Global Sales Network, now serving 18 different countries.

TACMINA products have been the preferred brand of pumps and related products for more than 30 years - both domestically and abroad. Our current global sales network serves the world through 18 countries. We have provided our premium quality, made-in-Japan products to many overseas destinations and offer our flexible and customized solutions for your needs. We are proud to announce the addition of a U.S. subsidiary in 2014 to support our North American customers. Located in Schaumburg, Illinois, our newest sales and service office is conveniently located in the U.S. Midwest.