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PZ Series

Wolrd's first* wide voltage range power supply!
PZ Series with simple mechanism is available!

Since the world's first* wide voltage range power supply (AC90V to AC264V) is applied, you can use these hightly efficient compact metering pumps without worrying about the voltage in the environment where the power voltage may be unstable such as many countries in the world.
* As a metering pump as of April 1, 1998.

Wide voltage range power supply
No need to change power supplies to match your source voltage. The power supply operates at 50/60 Hz from AC90V to AC264V (patent pending)
  • Outdoor specifications
    Equivalent to IEC specification; IP65.
    Dust-proof, jet stream-proof structure.
  • Air release
    The standard air release feature and a pump head with improved volumetric efficiency ensure safe operations even during very low flow rate injection. (Excluding 32,52)
  • Adjusting dial
    Manual adjustment from 15 to 300 pulses per minute.
  • Simple structure
    Reduced number of parts allows easy maintenance.

  • Chlorine sterilization for small-scale water-supply system, food plants, buildings and swiming pools
  • Injection of chemicals to boilers
  • Chemical injection in the field of physics and chemistry plus medical cure
  • Very low flow rate at a high pressure injection of various other liquids

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